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Back from Wales

My family and I enjoyed a lush holiday in West Wales with 2 other families who are old mates from university and we get together every year for a joint holiday. We stayed in a gorgeous old quarry house in a village called Cilgarren. The house was at the foot of a gorge and its sheer rock face was the back wall of our garden with an amazing waterfall when it rained (which it did quite often) and we were right on the river, so I paddled my feet in the water with my kids and saw a King fisher, which was pretty special.

There was a castle in the village, Cigarren Castle, which was a great ruin and we spent ages clambering around it with the kids (5 in total). The children had a great time being a gang for the week and really enjoyed each others company, which was great to watch! Us grown ups drank lots of tea, ate lots of cake and had a bit too much wine! There was so much for families to do and we had some briliant days out at a farm, an iron age fort and of course the stunning coast with clean sandy beaches

We got back on Saturday afternoon and had no time to get back into Devon life as Sunday was Bradninch Music Festival, where I had a craft stall. I had a fantastic day,  sold lots of things, listened to great music, talked to lots of interesting people and our mates came with a picnic (a super high quality picnic with anchovy tart and lemon polenta cake!). I sold so much stock on Sunday that I have gone into a making things frenzy! So here are some of the fruits of my labour so far this week.

The first panel is another of my popular Art Deco Leaves design, in a new colour way and with etched detail on the leaves.

I sold my last Coombe Martin panel on Sunday, so I have replaced it with a slightly different design and a new colour combination.

The third panel is a reworking of Heckwood Tor, the first version of this is on show at Otterton Mill Art Gallery.

These items and my new teeny tiny beach scene panels (only 12 cm high, are they the smallest stained glass panels in the world???) are available for sale with all my other lovely stuff on my  Folksy and Etsy shops.

If you are in Exeter on Saturday 19th June  please come say hi to me on my stall at the Craft Hub fair in the wonderful surroundings of Rougemont Castle.  There is going to be live music, tea and cake and kids activities too, so it should be a really fun day. It is on from 11-4pm

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