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What better way to liven up your home or business than with a bespoke stained glass window.

The methods employed in creating a stained glass or leaded window have not changed in centuries. However, there are also a huge range of modern glass techniques that Amy also employs, mixing fusing, casting, photographic firings with kiln fired glass painting and traditional leading. Often Amy’s work will go through several kiln firings, as she often casts and fuses glass inclusions and then paints or prints over the glass pieces and returns them to the kiln


Coloured glass can be used with great effect to flood a space with colour and light and add a unique focal point to a room.  A stained-glass window can be fitted in a wide variety of settings. Amy can also incorporate a stained-glass panel within a double-glazed unit and works with a local glazing company to manufacture and fit these. 


Through the years Amy has created many pieces of special significance to clients, from public war memorials to private pieces of celebration or memorial. Amy has years of experience taking customers ideas and turning them into beautiful, unique works of art.

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