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slurper straw sculpture for mcs meeting commonwealth.jpg
surfing on a plastic wave, TRAIL artists for Environment agency .jpg

What does it involve?

Amy regularly creates and exhibits sculptural art in public (and often) outdoor settings. Her art reflects on the environment and social history.


Teignmouth Recycled Art in the Landscape (TRAIL) Organiser, Voluntary Role

TRAIL is a voluntary artist-led organisation raising awareness of environmental issues through art. TRAIL provides an opportunity for professional artists, community groups, and amateur artists to exhibit large scale art works in an outdoor public setting.


Since 2014 Amy has organised and curated the outdoor and indoor exhibitions, attracting interest from international artists, and running sculpture workshops with community and school groups. This has allowed her to work with the local community to raise awareness of environmental issues through engaging and challenging art.


Through this work Amy has been involved in a wide range of large-scale environmental art projects. Working with such organisations as United Nations, Environment Agency, Local Governments and numerous charities and schools. 

In 2018 TRAIL worked with the Marine Conservation Society, Teignbridge district council and Teignmouth Town council to make Teignmouth plastic straw free and the resulting sculpture made from 30,000 used single use plastic straws was taken to meet the 52 Commonwealth Heads of State.

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