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Installation Day at Torbay Hospital

Almost a year to the day since I was commissioned by Hospital Rooms to create a 2m x 1m stained glass window for the dining room of the new mental health unit being built at Torbay Hospital. In total 15 local artists were commissioned to create artwork inspired by art workshops with mental health service users and my piece reflects the distortion of time that can occur in long hospital stays. There are lines of a poem written by one of our workshop participants and the design is inspired by the artworks created in my workshops last January.

I am very pleased with the finished piece and hope it will bring light, colour and interest to a generic hospital space.

It is the first time Hospital Rooms have commissioned a stained-glass window and I am grateful to them for trusting me with the project; - especially as this is my largest piece to date.

Thanks to the Roman Glass Team for installing. Sorry it was so heavy!

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