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back in one piece, modelled by my faithful assistant!

After a very long wait for a small piece of glass to arrive I have finally been able to finish my last restoration project. Each window throws up new challenges and chances to learn, but this window brought up a couple of issues I have not had to deal with before! Normally when you repair an old window the first thing that really strikes me is the standard of workmanship in the past, they are beautifully crafted and when you put them back together the glass fits into place like a dream. This panel was some what different! As soon as it arrived I could see that it had been somewhat crudely made, there was quite a lot of cement outside of the lead work and none of the uniform pattern pieces of glass were the same size (even though they should have been). Only a small amount of the glass was broken, so it was a case of matching the glass, cleaning up the remaining glass and then piecing the whole panel back together with fresh lead, which due to the way the glass has been cut has taken quite a while. But the first sunny day of the year gave me a chance to photograph it in good light and it is looking handsome with the sun shining through it.

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