Devon Remembers World War One War Memorial

In the last few months I have been working with 180 Year 7 pupils at  Teignmouth Community School to create a new World War One War Memorial as part of Devon Remembers, commemorating the centenary of The Great War.

The children researched their family and local history over the summer to discover information about Teignmouth’s Home Front in WWI. I then led a series of drawing workshops to create images in response to this information. The children worked really hard and the school was so helpful, making the sessions an absolute pleasure.

Now each of the drawings will be fired onto coloured glass tiles, from a distance it will look like a poppy and as you draw nearer the children’s drawings will become apparent.

It is an honour to get to make such a significant art work and I hope to maintain the thoughtful nature and enthusiasm the children brought to the project in my part of the process. Now I have the task of firing 100 glass tiles! But that will keep my studio lovely and warm through the cold winter days! The drawings shown are just the top of the pile, we focused on the role of women, women’s rights, children’s experiences and returning soldiers/men on the home front. The children have captured the emotions  of loss and uncertainty well in their work and I was impressed with their thoughtful attitude.

Many thanks to Teign Heritage Centre for their generous information sharing and to the teachers and pupils at TCS School.

I will post another update at the next stage of the process.






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