Stained Glass Windows


Designs based around seaside or nautical themes


Designs based around landscapes

Trees and nature

Designs feature trees, flora or wildlife


Designs incorporating geometric patterns or abstract designs

What better way to liven up your home or business with a bespoke stained glass window.

The methods employed in creating a stained glass or leaded window have not changed in centuries and Amy incorporates modern warm glass techniques with kiln fired glass painting and traditional leading. Coloured glass can be used with great effect to flood a space with colour and light and add a unique focal point to a room.  A stained glass window can be fitted in a wide variety of settings. The commission process is:

  • An initial consultation to discuss themes, ideas, and the setting of the window. If practical then Amy will conduct a site visit.
  • A selection of designs will then be provided for consideration and to discuss colour and texture of the glass to be used.
  • Once a final design and full quotation have been agreed a 20 % deposit is required and the construction of the window can commence.
  • The completed window will be delivered to you ready for installation.

Please contact me for further details.


The lead used in windows does deteriorate slowly with time, and glass panels can be broken. Older windows can need a repair and spruce up. You will know your window is in need of some attention if it rattles.

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If you would like to enquire about restoration please contact me